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It was a Japanese company called Takara who produced the transformers action figures initially. Their looking is very cool. Because of its innovative element of allowing one to shift the parts of the toys to transform it from a vehicle to a machine or an animal in to a robot and then back again, the action figures are profoundly well-liked even today.

The American toy company Hasbro introduced most of the Japanese toys and models which were brought about in 1984. The transformers action figures in the US were made up of many evolutions of the concept. Most of the transformers action figures launched in Japan were also released in the US G1 (generation 1) toy line in the years 1985 to 1992. The villains are known as "Destrons" while the heroes are called "Cybertrons" in both Japan and the US in G1.

In the creation of their own comprehensive list of transformers action figures ever released, Europe also gained a great achievement. It was reported that a large number of European G2 transformer action figures were also sent out in the US simultaneously. G1 is the first where the first incarnates of Optimus Prime and Megatron emerge. G2 is the next which were lower than standard when compared with the G1 figures. In 1999, Animorphs is among these little known transformers action figures series.

Terminator model has been favored by many people for a long time, too. The looking of the model is really awesome. With the eyes lighting up, you will be excited. The Terminator series will be the most meaningful movies all the time. The science fiction will bring out more interesting things in the near future.

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